make a referral

Confirm with the patient / family which type of visit is best:

Admission Visit. In addition to the above, we process consent paperwork, provide a nursing assessment and order DME, hospice medications, etc., to ensure a smooth transition to our care.

Informational Visit. We first discuss the patient’s and family’s goals for care. To help them decide whether hospice meets their goals, we discuss Milestone's personalized case management and services, and our team's approach to care.

Schedule a visit or make a referral by calling our office @ 310-782-1177


Through direct referrals from a patient's physician, hospitalist, hospital discharge planner or care facility, Milestone admits patients every day. Often we assess the patient and meet with their family on the same day as the referral. 

We accept hospice-eligible patients with Medicare, Medi-Cal and private insurance and those without a primary caregiver. 

We ease the transition of patients from home or hospital to hospice care, and partner with you to communicate with families during this difficult time. We help you assess each patient’s individual needs, then oversee orders to have DME, medical supplies and hospice medications already in place after transport.

If you are unsure whether your family member or patient is eligible for hospice, please call us and we can help you.

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Please call us anytime if you have questions about the referral process or a prospective patient.